Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Boyer Family ~ Focus on the Girls!


The Boyer family came to our studio for their Living Social portrait session.  The focus was on their two adorable daughters who were more than willing to ham it up and play in front of the camera letting their personality shine through.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hannah ~ Manchester State Park

This was simply a fun day out at Manchester State Park with Hannah and at the time a brand new camera, it was part of an outing with our photography group for aspiring portrait & wedding photographers that we organize.  We had a beautiful young woman against this old gutted out torpedo building.  I can imagine this being a great location for a wedding and would love to photograph one at this particular state park.  We’ve had several beautiful weddings at other state parks in the past so why not Manchester? =) 

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Megan & William ~ Alexander Country Inn

Family Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair Photography

Megan & William were married at the beautiful Alexander Country Inn which was warm and cozy for the ceremony.  And what Megan really wanted was SNOW and she got plenty of snow for her wedding.  So, we drove up to Mt Rainier for some snowy photos and a bit of a snow ball fight.  Alexander Country Inn is perfect for intimate weddings or even elopements.  Yes, we drive to Ashford for weddings in snow, rain and sunshine! =)

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kim & David ~ Crystal Mountain Wedding

It was a windy early fall wedding at Crystal Mountain for Kim & David.  I was especially excited because it was our first time to photograph a wedding there and my first time to the top of Crystal Mountain.  Sonny on the other hand has gone skiing there several times and hiked the mountain in the summer and has told me of some of the beautiful meadows with ponds (or such).  I must admit that I  absolutely LOVED it up there with the gorgeous view of Mt Rainier even with all the clouds trying to block our view.  I’m praying we get the opportunity to do another wedding or elopement at Crystal Mountain.

Kim and David had their ceremony on the ridge and their reception took place later that evening in Puyallup.   Thank-you both for allowing us this wonderful opportunity to photograph your wedding.  We had fun and with these two, it wouldn’t have mattered where they got married as Kim’s bubbly attitude reminds me a lot of Goldie Hawn.  Yes, that ages me … but, I was young when I watched her and had no understanding of the humor. =)

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Aurora is 3!

We always love our sessions with Aurora and her momma, Dawn.  We’ve been blessed in so many ways getting to photograph Aurora from newborn to 3.  What was really fun was going through her gallery and watching through all the images the developmental changes.  Aurora while shy at first is crazy fun when she relaxes in front of the camera. =)

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Friday, March 15, 2013

What to Wear at your Portrait Session

Tacoma Family Portrait photo

Several years ago I wrote a blog post on what to wear for portrait sessions and to my surprise it was published and linked back to us on several sites. Since it’s been so long now, I decided to touch on the subject again as we still get asked “What should we wear?” on a fairly frequent basis.

There are several things one should consider when choosing what you want to wear for the portraits. For instance, do you know where you want to hang the portraits? What colors do you have in the room, on the wall, etc., what would look good with your walls and d├ęcor?

Next let’s consider your location of the photo shoot. We are aware that it’s popular for people to wear white if they are on the beach under the bright sun. Remember you’re wearing a reflector of light. We ask that maybe you consider pastels instead of pure white. However if your heart is set on pure white, as professional photographers we will get you taken care of!

Most portrait sessions will involve a couple of locations, such Point Defiance Park with its greenery and beach setting.

Usually I like to suggest selecting some coordinating colors, for example choose one color (blues, greens, purples, etc.) and then a neutral color. With the color, use the various hues of that selected color.

Let each person wear something that shows off their style and personality! Maybe by adding some texture such as wool sweater, leather jacket, a bright silky colored scarf, a knitted scarf, jewelry, etc. the ideas are limitless.

Tacoma Portrait Photographer Photo

We love color! Especially on a typical northwest cloudy gray day. So, with that said you will never hear my suggest wearing gray for your portrait session. =)

Wear comfortable shoes, be prepared to move around in the sand on the beach, the grass, going up and down stairs or maybe even climbing a tree! If you can do that in stilettos, then you will have my total admiration.

Most importantly, forget about us being there with our cameras. We don’t want you just standing there starring into the camera like a deer staring into the car headlights. Be prepared to have some fun, hug each other, kiss each other, laugh, tickle each other, dance like no one is watching and leave knowing you created some memories and beautiful portraits!
Now if everything I said makes you totally uncomfortable, then disregard what I wrote and do what makes YOU happy because being unhappy will show in your portraits and well, that’s just unacceptable! We want you looking your best; we want you to rock your session!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rock Creek Garden Weddings ~ Photo Shoot

Last summer we had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the wedding of Kasie & Joey at Rock Creek Gardens.  I immediately called Gracie at Rock Creek Garden, a wedding venue in Puyallup and asked about renting the space for our photography group to bring some ‘brides’ AKA models. 

Before sharing the photographs that we (Sonny & I) took, I’m going to give a special thank-you to my daughter, who was recruited as a last minute bride, being rushed to the venue straight from a long hard day on her job.  She was struggling feeling like she didn’t belong with the two beautiful models who had make up and hair done and this mom felt bad that she wasn’t feeling so beautiful.  Since I’m mom, she doesn’t always believe me when I say she’s beautiful. (sigh)

These of course aren’t actual wedding photos, they were us with a group of photographers going out and having fun photographing at a beautiful wedding venue.  So, if your getting married at Rock Creek in Puyallup, we are armed and ready (with camera’s) to return to Rock Creek Gardens to photograph your wedding!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Anika ~ Downtown Tacoma

Anika’s mom called us wanting to schedule a ‘secret modeling’ session as part of Anika’s 13th birthday gift.   We met at outside our studio for her session, using the graffiti garage and other locations near the studio.  Anika knew the look she wanted, and expressed those desires clearly.  We loved photographing her and I was loving her retro 70’s dress that reminded me of something I once owned.  Disregard that last remark if you are going to try to figure out how old I am!

Have you thought of bring your child in for milestone birthdays?  We can do studio or on location session!  Just give us a call or e-mail at

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Katrina & Mike ~ Expecting!

Living Social customer Katrina purchased her portrait package as she wanted photographs for family and also for Mike to have as he was preparing to deploy and would be deployed from JBLM when their little one was due.  This gives them both some photographs until he returns home.  We wish the two of you the best and of course congratulations on your family addition!