Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Seattle Wedding Photography ~ Jennifer & Rafel

Seattle Wedding Photographer 01Seattle Wedding Photographer 02Seattle Wedding Photographer 03Seattle Wedding Photographer 04Seattle Wedding Photographer 05Seattle Wedding Photographer 06Seattle Wedding Photographer 07Seattle Wedding Photographer 08Seattle Wedding Photographer 09Seattle Wedding Photographer 10Seattle Wedding Photographer 11Seattle Wedding Photographer 12Seattle Wedding Photographer 13

A few weeks prior to their wedding, Jennifer & Rafel went to an event where they had a Hawaiian pig roast.  From what I understand, Rafel then wanted a pig at the wedding.  However, Jennifer who works for a catering company told him it was to late to get the pig.  Then she surprised him at the reception with a Hawaiian pig roast!  He was one very happy camper.

Seattle Wedding Photographer 14Seattle Wedding Photographer 15Seattle Wedding Photographer 16Seattle Wedding Photographer 17Seattle Wedding Photographer 18

                                                            No time to chat … gotta dance!

Seattle Wedding Photographer 19Seattle Wedding Photographer 20Seattle Wedding Photographer 21

It looks like Jennifer & Rafel are off to a beautiful start in life.  Congratulations and thank-you for allowing us to be a part of your day!

Known details – when I look at the known details, I can’t help but think about the saying how it takes a village to raise a child.  In this case it took friends and family to bring together this beautiful wedding.

Wedding venue: Luther Memorial Lutheran Church, Seattle

Wedding reception venue: Golden Gardens Bathhouse

Catering:  Friends & Co-workers of couple from Tom Douglas Catering

Cake – tiered cake that was cut: Morfey’s Cakes 

Cake – chocolate cake:  Bakery Nouveau         

Cake – red velvet cake:  Kingfish Cafe     

Floral – alter & reception done by friend/co-work at Tom Douglas Catering - Jeff Church

Floral – bouquets by friend & catering sous chef Annie Elmore

Floral – on pews by the bride.

Hair: long time friend & hair dresser - Mary Sura

Make-up:  long time friend & daughter of Mary - Lori Alm

Everyone deserves the credit for helping Jennifer and Rafel put together an amazing wedding.

We hope you enjoyed this peak into Rafel & Jennifer’s wedding.  Please feel free to leave a comment for them or for us as we always enjoy hearing your thoughts and reading the well wishes for Rafel & Jennifer.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Olympia Family Portrait ~ ‘J’ Family

Olympia Family Portrait 01Olympia Family Portrait 02Olympia Family Portrait 03Olympia Family Portrait 04Olympia Family Portrait 05Olympia Family Portrait 06
A few months ago I had announced that when we reached 400 likes on our Facebook page we would give fan number 400 a free portrait session.  Well, we have now exceed 400 fans (THANK-YOU) and Tina was lucky 400,  We first met her husband at the wedding of Courtney & Clayton, where he was a groomsmen. 

This time we met the entire family at Priest Point Park in Olympia for a mini session.  We are happy they were the family to receive the portrait session as we learned that the last time they had a family portrait the youngest was just a toddler.  I think it was time for an updated portrait before they move on with their lives!

BTW, we will be doing this again when we reach 500 fans on Facebook!  If you haven’t joined us, what are waiting for?   Facebook

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tacoma Portrait Photography ~ Jillayna & Chris

engagement portrait photographer 01engagement portrait photographer 02engagement portrait photographer 03engagement portrait photographer 04engagement portrait photographer 05engagement portrait photographer 06engagement portrait photographer 07

Jillayna’s mom is a friend of mine and awhile back I had mentioned a special for portraits with your pets.  Jillayna contacted me immediately asking about it.  At that time, we were busy, she was busy and things just didn’t happen.  So, we finally caught up at the ‘graffiti garage’ in Tacoma for some portraits with her boyfriend, Chris and their two dogs, Ringo and Dozer.  Soon after we drove over to Point Defiance Park for a few more photographs and then they were on their way to Sonic for lunch.  Someday, Sonic will work it’s way up toward Kenmore/Everett area so Jillayna won’t have to drive so far. =)

Now I’m left sitting here, wondering who’s wedding bells will ring first!  Jillayna or her mom.  It seems both have found some good men.   BTW, you know who to call to photograph the weddings!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tacoma Family Portrait ~ ‘B’ Family

Lisa & Kevin were are second ever wedding for us to photograph 7 years ago October.  While we have seen them at a few other weddings, it was nice to catch up with them and their family.  I had a lot of fun meeting her boys and not only are they handsome they enjoyed being in front of the camera. =)

Both Lisa and I had spent some time at the Tacoma General switchboard before moving on to other bigger and better things in life.

family portraits puyallup 01family portraits puyallup 02family portraits puyallup 04family portraits puyallup 05family portraits puyallup 023

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tacoma Family Portrait ~ workshop

portrait photographer - Family Affair Photography 01portrait photographer - Family Affair Photography 02portrait photographer - Family Affair Photography 03
The following photographs were part of a workshop that we participated in recently.  We broke into several groups and my group had the parents for most of the time.  

We (Sonny & I) have several workshops coming up where we will be in need of various types of ‘models’ for anything ranging from family portraits, children, newborns to boudoir!  If you would be interested in getting photographed by a group of photographers please contact us at 253-970-5689 or by e-mail at

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Senior Portrait Photography ~ Robin

Puyallup Senior Portrait Photographer 01Puyallup Senior Portrait Photographer 02Puyallup Senior Portrait Photographer 3Puyallup Senior Portrait Photographer 4Puyallup Senior Portrait Photographer 5Puyallup Senior Portrait Photographer 6Puyallup Senior Portrait Photographer 7

What a beautiful day and what a beautiful senior!  Robin was a total delight to work with despite her telling me several times that she was awkward in front of the camera.   I didn’t think she was awkward at all, maybe a little shy however my biggest impression was the fact that she’s gorgeous in front of the camera.  I’d put her back in front of my camera in a heartbeat!

While most schools had to have senior portraits in by October this year, if you are still waiting to get yours we can get you taken care of!  And Juniors, we will be looking for reps for next year so give us a call 253-970-5689 or e-mail us at

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Family Portrait Photography ~ ‘M’ Family

Tacoma Family Portrait Photographer 01Tacoma Family Portrait Photographer 02Tacoma Family Portrait Photographer 03Tacoma Family Portrait Photographer 04Tacoma Family Portrait Photographer 05Tacoma Family Portrait Photographer 06Tacoma Family Portrait Photographer 07
We met with the Mercado Family at Point Defiance Park for one of our half hour mini sessions.  Much to my delight, they had twin boys and what fun they were as you can see from the photos above.

We offer 3 family portrait packages, to book yours just give us a call at 253-970-5689 or e-mail us at to book your family portrait session.
** As a side note, we now have a studio available for our use, with the regular and extended portrait sessions.