Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Emerald Queen Ballroom ~ Mt Tahoma Reunion

01_Emerald Queen Event Photographer 0102_Mt Tahoma Event Photographer03_Emerald Queen Event Photographer04_Mt Tahoma Event Photographer05_Emerald Queen Event Photographer06_Mt Tahoma Event Photographer07_Emerald Queen Event Photographer08_Mt Tahoma Event Photographer09_Emerald Queen Event Photographer10_Mt Tahoma Event Photographer11_Emerald Queen Event Photographer12_Mt Tahoma Event Photographer

Mt Tahoma class of 2002 had their 10 year class reunion this past summer and asked to have our “Smile Sensation Station” at the event.  Above are a few of the images from the event.

The Smile Sensation Station is a photo station where guests can come have a nice portrait done or they can let their inner child come out and play with feather boas, message boards, frames, and other available props.  The station is an affordable and fun addition to any wedding or event!  To learn more about the photo station (not photo booth) click on this link –> Smile Sensation.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Downtown Tacoma Wedding ~ Nicole & Matt

01_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography

I must admit, Sonny & I were really looking forward to photographing Nikki & Matt’s wedding.  It’s been a while since we had a bride dedicate a full hour and a half just for the bridal portraits of the bride and groom.  We had fun walking around the museum district getting photographs in different areas.

The reveal took place on the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. 

02_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography03_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography04_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography05_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography06_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography07_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography08_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography09_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography10_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography11_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography12_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography13_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography14_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography15_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography16_Museum of Glass Wedding_Tacoma_Photography17_Holy Rosary Church Wedding_Tacoma_Photography18_Holy Rosary Church Wedding_Tacoma_Photography19_Holy Rosary Church Wedding_Tacoma_Photography20_Holy Rosary Church Wedding_Tacoma_Photography21_Holy Rosary Church Wedding_Tacoma_Photography22_Holy Rosary Church Wedding_Tacoma_Photography23_Holy Rosary Church Wedding_Tacoma_Photography24_Holy Rosary Church Wedding_Tacoma_Photography25_Holy Rosary Church Wedding_Tacoma_Photography26_Holy Rosary Church Wedding_Tacoma_Photography27_Pacific Grill Wedding_Tacoma_Photography28_Pacific Grill Wedding_Tacoma_Photography29_Pacific Grill Wedding_Tacoma_Photography30_Pacific Grill Wedding_Tacoma_Photography31_Pacific Grill Wedding_Tacoma_Photography32_Pacific Grill Wedding_Tacoma_Photography33_Pacific Grill Wedding_Tacoma_Photography34_Pacific Grill Wedding_Tacoma_Photography35_Pacific Grill Wedding_Tacoma_Photography36_Pacific Grill Wedding_Tacoma_Photography37_Pacific Grill Wedding_Tacoma_Photography38_Pacific Grill Wedding_Tacoma_Photography

Known Details:

Wedding Ceremony: Holy Rosary Church

Reception Venue:  Pacific Grill Event Center

Catering:  Pacific Grill

DJ: Jeremy Hamel

Cake:  Hello, Cupcake

D├ęcor:  Trendy Event Rentals

Photographers:  Monica & Sonny ~ Family Affair Photography

We hope you enjoyed this peak into Matt & Nicole’s wedding.  Please feel free to leave a comment for them or for us as we always enjoy hearing your thoughts and reading the well wishes for Matt & Nicole.

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