Monday, September 30, 2013

Greg, Kristina & Josiah

People often ask if our business name (Family Affair Photography) is because we specialize in family portraits.  The answer often surprises people.  No, the name came about because our business was truly a family affair.  It started with me (Monica) wanting to make photography a business back in 2004.  Soon I had my husband, Sonny joining me and shortly after that my daughter joined too creating a family business.  It was at that time I didn’t want the business to reflect only my name and we decided on ‘Family Affair Photography.

Weddings was where we got our business start and that was our focus for several years, then past customers started asking us to photograph their growing families and at that we incorporated family portraits, senior portraits and now boudoir to our line-up.

Let’s get to Greg, Kristina & Josiah!  We met them at Spanaway Park for their family portrait session.  They wanted some as a family and a few of just the two of them (Greg & Kristina).  Josiah was a bit shy but quickly warmed up and played along with us.  Thank-you for selecting us for your family portraits!

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Alisha & Kasey ~ We Will!

Point Defiance Park is such a beautiful location for weddings and engagement sessions.  We met with Alisha & Kasey in the Rose Garden for their engagement portraits.  It was fun watching them interact with each other and just have fun.

Originally their wedding date was set to happen in 2014, however Kasey received his deployment orders and they had to bump their date to August 31st.  So, stay tuned to see their wedding photos coming to this blog soon!

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mariah ~ Seattle Portrait Photography

I had the privilege of being one of only 5 audience members (all photographers) allowed in the CreativeLIVE studio for a world wide televised webinar on senior portraiture photography.  The speaker was Kirk Voclain, a photographer who’s work we’ve admired for several years now.

After our second day at the studio one of the photographers arranged for a model to come out so we could get out and play after sitting in the studio for 8 hours.  We each took turns photographing Mirah on the streets and allies near the studio.  One lessons Kirk was teaching was to slow down, get everything right in the camera before shooting and not to shoot excessively.   I think I followed that guideline pretty well.  

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