Monday, February 28, 2011

March Monthly Special

Each month we have different specials to offer our valued customers.  This month we have two offers, one for weddings the other for portraits.  You can check out our specials each month here; Monthly Special.

Family Affair Photography
Wedding Photography Special
Having a hard time choosing a photographer for your engagement photos & wedding?

Wouldn't it be easier if you could ‘test drive’ a photographer?

We have a limited number of 1 hour engagement photo sessions available for couples who are still looking for their wedding photographer. The cost to you is nothing, as in zip, zero, nada!

If you like our work and book us as your wedding photographers, the digital copies are yours to keep with a full printing release.

Think about it. Somewhere hanging up in the home of your family members are photos from their wedding, their parents wedding, and your grandparents wedding.  One of the most important choices you'll make for your wedding day is the photographer!
Wouldn't it be nice to work with the photographer before the biggest day of your life?  To be secure in your choice and know that your photographer has your best interest at heart?

The images from the session will be posted in a password protected gallery to view.  We will offer you one (1) 8x10 print of your choice from the session.  If you book our services we will provide you with a CD of all the full resolution images along with printing rights.

For more information or to book contact us at info@familyaffairphotography or by phone at 253-970-5689.
                                                        Portrait Special
Family Affair Photography
Book our half hour  ‘Mini Session’  for $60.00!  This is a $20.00 savings.  This session is great for quick family portraits at ONE location and no change of clothing.  With this package you will receive a $20.00 print credit which can get you 1 8x10 and 2 5x7’s plus 8 wallets.  (that is only an example of what you can get – you create the combo YOU want).

For more information or to book contact us at info@familyaffairphotography or by phone at 253-970-5689.what you can get – you create the combo YOU want).
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Becoming a Wedding Photographer

On occasion I will write a blog entry for the ‘Puget Sound Wedding Professionals’ group blog - Bridal 4-1-1.  They are starting a series; ‘Becoming a wedding _________’ (fill in the blank: photographer, florist, planner, etc).  The entry below was my contribution.  You can click on the Bridal 4-1-1 link to see other informative wedding planning type entries.


Many times I get the impression that those wanting to get into wedding photography think it’s an easy way to make big money and that it’s going to be one big party.  Before I go into ‘becoming a wedding photographer’ I’m going to share how I ‘fell’ into this profession.  It actually started with an offer to photograph my nieces wedding.  I refused several times, they repeatedly offered and finally sweetened the deal and I said yes. 

Immediately, I started reading everything I could get my hands on about wedding photography, and I also spent a considerable amount of time studying the work of other wedding photographers.   The exhilaration, the adrenalin rush of the wedding day is what inspired and motivated me into starting my own business.  I think to this day that it was my sheer eagerness and JOY of the field that propelled me and not aspirations of making big money or parties.  When I talk to other successful wedding photographers I often hear the same thing, this is a career that brings them joy and often times the first weddings were those of friends or family.

Since that first wedding, I have learned a lot from experience and from talking to other wedding professionals who were willing to offer some guidance.

Let’s get this out there:  Great camera’s don’t make great photographers!  Learn photography before anything else.  A wedding photographer is responsible for capturing the most precious moments in life, and a wedding is NOT the place to learn photography!  As a wedding photographer you are expected to know your camera intimately, to be a master of your chosen craft.  Unfortunately having a new camera doesn’t automatically make you an efficient and reliable photographer.  Learn composition and develop your artistic vision. 

Things don’t end once you’ve photographed a wedding.  In fact it’s after the wedding that the work starts.  I’ve heard from several photographers who have said that for every hour shooting at a wedding it will require about 2 additional hours in post production work.  This means learning and mastering digital workflow, processing the RAW images, file management, image correction, color management and enhancement.  Even great images often need a little something more. It’s pretty much expected you’ll be doing some correction. Don’t think you can shoot and burn and get a reputation for great work.

LOVE photography more than anything else.  Don’t come into the wedding photography field filled with aspirations of making BIG money.  While it’s true, there are many successful wedding photographers that make a lot of money.  Many of those photographers are also successful speakers, teachers, mentors, etc. to other wedding photographers.  According to the Professional Photographers of America, the average photographer in America makes about $24,000.00 a year. 

When you start photographing a wedding learn to focus on QUALITY vs. quantity.  Is there really a need to take 2000 photos per hour?  No bride is going to want the quantity, they much rather have the heartfelt and beautiful images.  Think about your shots, look for the special moments.  Keep your eyes and heart open to capture the unique and beautiful moments that naturally occur during the day.  Remember that long after you have moved on, your photographs will last forever and will someday be viewed by future generations of that family. 

During the wedding day, keep moving even if your tired of being on your feet for 8 plus hours, you need to be ready and alert what is happening around you.  There is a fine line you need to learn as to when you hide and become ninja like and when you get out and interact with the guests.  Knowing this will produce some wonderful images of the day.  Experience is going to be your best instructor on this.  Starting off as an assistant for a photographer would give you an edge on this, you can learn by observing the pro and by asking them questions after the event.

There is an old rule for the successful photographer and it’s one I admit that I still struggle with to this day.  The rule is “80% business, 20% photography”  Sometimes it feels like it’s 90% business and only 10% photography.  Unfortunately if you want to make photography your business you have to be much more than a photographer while still excelling at offering your customers great images.  If you want to get hired you need to sell yourself, make your customers happy and promote your abilities.  Being a great photographer is much more than clicking that shutter!  If you aren’t ready to handle the business end of photography, you can always work with other photographers.

Lastly learn something new everyday by taking classes, reading or getting out with your camera.  Join different photography groups.  There are many professional photography organizations that offer different levels of membership based on your skills and knowledge.  Some worth checking out:  Professional Photographers of America (PPA), and Wedding Portrait Professionals International (WPPI).  Attend their workshops, seminars, and meetings.  Learn and share tips, techniques from other professionals in the industry.  Never stop learning. Always practice, observe and study.

There is so much to share when talking about becoming a wedding photographer.  It IS a joyous and rewarding career.  If you decide to pursue wedding photography, always remember that as a wedding photographer you’re in a service business.  Always serve your clients with care and attention to detail that you would expect on your own wedding day or daily life for that matter!


That was what I shared.  If you are interested in learning more about wedding photography, I will to the best of my abilities answer any questions you may have.  I can be reached at info@familyaffairphotography.   Also, feel free to share any thoughts below in the comment field.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Grandma’s House?

Family Affair Photography
Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go.  Just a reminder, we don’t just photograph weddings.   We love getting out with families too.  Is it time to update your family portraits?  I bet grandma would love a portrait.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wedding Walk Tacoma

This past Sunday we were invited to participate in the first annual ‘Wedding Walk Tacoma’.  The weather was perfect for walking to the various venues each uniquely decorated to give prospective brides & grooms an idea of how the venue could look for their event.
                              Appetizers from Pacific Grill Catering.

Tacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair PhotographyTacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair Photography
       Tacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair PhotographySONY DSC
The above photographs are of the Courtyard by Marriott.  The design – décor were coordinated by Nancy Skipton of Simply Celebrations & Events.
       Tacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair Photography
       Tacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair Photography
       Tacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair PhotographyTacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair PhotographyTacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair Photography
Beautiful bridal bouquets and table center pieces from Michael at Fantasia Floral.
     Tacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair PhotographyTacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair Photography    Tacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair Photography Tacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair PhotographyTacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair PhotographyTacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair Photography
The above vendors had tables at the Courtyard by Marriott and were available to talk to guests who were interested in their services.  Top to bottom, left to right: Gen X Pro, “Baked”,  Ceremonies by Cynthia, Fantasia Floral, Photobooth NW, and together representatives of Courtyard by Marriott and Pacific Grill Catering.  You can click on the links to learn more about each of the businesses.
Tacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair Photography
                      Dave & Nancy for Simply Celebrations & Events
Tacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair Photography
                                                Paper Passionista
Tacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair Photography
Sonny walked to the different venues and took a couple photographs to share with me as I was going to stay with our table … and I fully intended to stay inside and nurse my injured foot.  However, I ended up walking to all the venues so I could see how they looked and I must say ALL the wedding planners did a fantastic job with their decorations.  The walk had everything from refined elegance to a bold modern chic. 
The best thing I can recommend is if you know someone planning a wedding in the future, suggest to them that they check out the Wedding Walk Tacoma next year.  I predict it will only improve and it was already a great event!
Tacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair PhotographyTacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair PhotographyTacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair Photography
The previous four photographs were taken at the Pacific Grill.  Top to bottom: Coat Check Complete, Posh Wedding Flowers, Absolute Music and a waitress/server with Pacific Grill.
         Tacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair Photography
The above photos are flower arrangements from Posh Wedding Flowers (link above).  The décor is by Trendy Events.
Tacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair PhotographyTacoma Wedding Walk _ Family Affair Photography

And last but certainly not least a few photographs from the Tacoma Art Museum.  The beautiful limo outside is from British Motor Coach.   Middle photo is the rep from British Motor Coach and another favorite DJ of ours, Adam of Adam’s DJ Service.  The décor for this location is the work of Red Letter Events.
To view additional photos of the event at Union Station and The Museum of History, go check out Wallflower Photography’s blog  …. just come back to us when it’s time to photograph YOUR wedding! (wink, wink) 
If you participated we would love to hear your thoughts about the event.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pioneer Pavilion ~ Chrissy & Scott’s wedding photographs

We’ve had the honor of photographing Scott’s brother & sister-in-law’s wedding plus, we’ve seen Scott’s family at a few other weddings.  So, it was a delight to see how much his nieces and nephews have grown.  They have the ring bearer/flower girl gigs down perfectly.  Chrissy was a total sweetheart with a huge smile on her face all evening.  Chrissy & Scott were very much in the moment of the day.
Their evening wedding ceremony and reception took place at the Pioneer Pavilion in Puyallup.
CS 07CS 08CS 09
                      Introducing Chrissy & Scott – the new Mr. & Mrs.!
CS 10CS 11CS 12CS 13
CS 16
CS 17
CS 18CS 19
Check out the photo on the bottom left from the garter toss collection.  This young girl came swooping in from no where to catch the garter!  No one saw her coming. =)  Watch out boys!  They tossed the garter a second time and it was caught by one of the groomsmen.
CS 20CS 21CS 22
After Scott & Chrissy’s first dance, Chrissy did the father daughter dance with her twin sister.
CS 23CS 24CS 25CS 26
               There was no shortage of dancing during the reception.
Just a few minutes with the bride and groom before they depart for their Alaskan adventure filled honeymoon.
CS 31
A few known details:
Venue:  Pioneer Park Pavilion, Puyallup
Catering:  Flying Tomato, Italian Grill
DJ: Sound Sational Music
Cake: Pioneer Bakery
Photographers:  Sonny, Monica & Kahla
We would love to hear your thoughts … so don’t be shy, leave a comment for us or for Scott & Chrissy! Thank you Chrissy, Scott, family and friends for allowing us to be a part of this special day.