Monday, July 30, 2012


Family Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair Photography

 Somehow Rhiannon’s boudoir session photos got buried with weddings and other portraits and I never got around to posting her photographs.   It’s always something to witness women who come in for their boudoir session, at first they are unsure and maybe even a little uncomfortable.  Then before they know it they relax and start to really let their hair down and have fun with their session. 

Have you thought of giving your groom a special gift on your wedding day?  Maybe a boudoir session and giving him the photographs just before the ceremony, something to really get him excited!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Samantha & David ~ Issaquah Hilton Wedding

Family Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair Photography
What a fun and lively wedding Samantha & David had at the Issaquah Hilton.   We met with them earlier in the afternoon so they could go to a local green space area for their portraits and then returned to the hotel for family portraits.  Then before I knew it we were rolling into the wedding ceremony and quickly changing gears for their reception. 

If you are looking to book a photographer(s) for your wedding, we have several options to customize a wedding package to fit your precise wedding day needs!  For more information you can e-mail us at or call/text us at 253-970-5689.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


** If you are coming to visit from the Living Social Special and have questions please check our Q&A post here;  July Living Social Special. **

Lately we’ve been getting several e-mails filled with thanks and blessings from our customers.  It was suggested to me that I should share some of the e-mails with one of their photographs. 

While I hesitate as I’m not one who likes to ‘brag’.  With that said, please know I feel I should be the one saying ‘thank-you’ to everyone for allowing me/us to be a part of your day or to document a particular moment of your life, whatever it is that’s happening:  births, family reunions, graduations, weight loss, starting a new business, developing a website, etc..

Upon receiving her DVD, we received the following e-mail:
Thank-you for the DVD, I’m still amazed with the quality of shots you took.
Blessings to you and Sonny!

Family Affair Photographer
After first viewing their portraits in their password protected gallery:
Thank you Monica!  We love the pictures and are very excited to get our photos!
Family Affair Photography
And yet another after getting their first preview in their gallery:
Thanks Monica! 
I love the colors, purple and green look great together.  #2 and #3 family photos are awesome, can't decide which I like better, so happy that some with all of us turned out!  It was so nice to work with the two of you, thanks for all the time you spent with us! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!
** side note, we absolutely loved working with Laurie and her five children and yes, they provided challenges which can be expected anytime you have a group of children together.  One child (they took turns) would look away, look down, make a face, etc.  They were after all being children! =)  Mom truly was worried that she wouldn’t get a photo of everyone together. 
Family Affair Photography  This was from a family reunion here in the Seattle area.  They had 11 adults and 10 children together for this portrait session.  We photographed the full groups along with the individual families.  Here is what JeaNnle wrote us:  Thank you again Monica & Sonny!!! The photo shoot was awesome & everything went so well   :))) I love love love the pictures!!!  I wish you guys many blessings & the best of luck with your photography business.  We hope to meet up again If we should have future reunions in Washington. Take care & God Bless!!! ***JeaNnle***  Then we received this e-mail from Cindy K. that really brightened my morning:

OH MY GOSH!!!!! You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE them I don't know how I will ever choose. Thank you so much! I will get back to you with a photo order - but I just watched the slide show and wanted to tell you that you are AWESOME!!!!

Lastly, we are once again being featured on Living Social due to the popularity of the package and the positive responses they received from their customers who purchased our vouchers.  Some of the comments they received and shared with me follow:
“The quality of the photos were fantastic and their customer service is great! I will definitely recommend them to anyone needing a photographer.”

“It was fun and very relaxed. They were very friendly. I am recommending them to all my friends. Great price, Great value”

“They were very good, both inside and outside. Took lots of photos, fast to get them posted. We plan to have them back at Christmas.”

There were several other e-mails that have arrived and are buried somewhere in my mailbox.  We truly feel blessed with so many wonderful customers. 

Our deepest gratitude to all of you.  You have brightened our days as we hope you have been by your photographs.

Monday, July 23, 2012

July Living Social Special

First of all, we want to say congratulations to those of you who purchased your Living Social coupon! Don’t you just love Living Social? We do and we are looking forward in having a lot of fun capturing beautiful portraits of your children, your pets, your loved ones and of course, you!!

Family Affair Photography
Let’s see if we can answer a few of your questions here. Added are a few photographs from past sessions for your viewing pleasure.

Q: Why should we select the Family Affair Photography voucher?

Admittedly there are a TON of photographers out there and when you select a photographer you want to make sure their style fits what you are looking for.  If you are looking for high contrast photographs, you are looking at the wrong photographer.  However, if you are looking for photographs that will stand the test of time, here we are!

We started our business with wedding photography 8 years ago along with engagement sessions.  At the time we really didn’t do any other type of portrait sessions.  However, the couples eventually wanted maternity, family photos, etc and we realized we needed to do more than weddings!

Q: What is the special? (for those who follow us on Facebook and didn’t see the Living Social Ad)
We have our hour portrait session, which normally costs $150.00 for $49.00! What savings! This is the time to pre-pay for your portrait session and use later this year. Below are the details straight from the Living Social site: $49 gets you an hour-long on-location portrait session, a CD with images suitable for use on the web, a password-protected online gallery for easy sharing, one 8x10, two 5x7’s.

Family Affair Photography
Q: Who will be doing the photography?

A: For portraits, it’s generally Monica (who is admittedly greedy with the camera) that will be doing the photography. However, if Sonny is available he will come along and assist with lighting and he often has his own creative ideas for the portraits. So, the shooting gets shared during the session.

Q: What can we expect from the shoot?

A: We are very down to earth and casual. If you haven’t had portraits in a while it might feel a little weird because you probably don't usually have paparazzi following you around snapping cameras, but we promise to be on our best behavior and soon the weirdness wears off and before you know it, your having fun in front of the camera …. Really! It's fun.

Q: Where can we see most recent samples of your work?
A: Here at the blog is the best place or on our Facebook page.  If you scroll to the top of this blog entry, just under our title/header is a tabs bar with different types of sessions: babies, engagements, families, seniors and weddings. If you click on our header, it will show you everything posted in our blog.
If you click on the specialized tabs, it will take you to blog entries (photographs) dealing with that particular subject.

Family Affair Photography

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in Tacoma, and will travel up to 20 miles from 98405 zip code. 

Q: Is this special only good for family portraits?
A: No, this special is great for any type of portrait session. It’s perfect for engagements, seniors, pets, children and family portraits. This is a great opportunity to update those portraits on the walls! While the vouchers technically could be used for newborn or boudoir sessions – those typically require two hours by nature and need a dedicated space that would have to be considered before purchase. You can use the one hour voucher as partial payment on those sessions.

Q: Will you travel for a session?

A: Yes, included in this price is travel up to 20 miles from our location (98405 zip). Anything further is $10 for every 10 miles from Tacoma. (due the day of your shoot).

Family Affair Photography

Q: I see you include prints in this price. What if we want to buy more?

A: You can order additional prints from our gallery, which will remain open for 1 year.

Q: Will my aunt in Spain be able to order prints from the gallery?

A: From my understanding, anyone, anywhere can order photographs from the gallery. Not only prints, there are other fun photo products available in the gallery such as canvas wraps, standouts, etc.. The gallery remains open and available for ordering prints for one year.

Family Affair Photography

Q: I see the DVD is for web use only, can we make prints from the DVD?
No, the images on the DVD are low resolution designed for sharing on Facebook, e-mailing, blogging, using on social networks, etc. However, you can upgrade to a full resolution DVD for $50.00 and you will get the printing rights so you can make as many prints as your heart desires. And yes, you read that right – $50.00, not $250.00, not $500.00.

Q: I would like to use these for a modeling Portfolio. Is that okay?

A: Yes, totally okay! If you are an aspiring model, or your children model, this is a great way to update your portfolio.  I'm okay with this type of session!


Family Affair Photography
Q: We would like to use this Coupon to shoot a large family photo. We have three families which we would like to combine into one group photo. Is this okay?

A: Unfortunately, no, this is not okay. One family per Coupon. BUT, it’s totally acceptable for each family to purchases a coupon, and you would like to all shoot on the same day, I will include the Photographs from the Large family into one Gallery, so that everyone has the option of ordering prints from the entire session.

Q: Can we use the voucher for a wedding, party, Quinceanera, Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

No, this voucher is designed for portrait sessions. However, if you are planning a wedding or any other event, we do have some awesome wedding packages and you can always check out our monthly specials.


Family Affair Photography
Q: Will you Photoshop the images so I look 10 years younger or 10 pounds thinner?

We consider ourselves life style photographers – photojournalistic photographers. This means that we like to document people as they really are. We always strive to photograph in the best possible light and from the most flattering angles, where possible, and we will hide pimples and other transitory afflictions but scars, wrinkles, skin, hair... these are who you are. We have no problem however acting goofy to make people look at least 10% happier.

Q: What is your rescheduling policy?

A: We require 48 hours to reschedule a shoot. You can call us or shoot us an e-mail to cancel and reschedule your appointment. If you cancel without 48 hours notice there will be a $25 reschedule fee. This is because that time will be blocked out and we will be standing there missing you, probably just taking pictures of each other. And another Living Social customer will be losing out on the opportunity to have that time slot. If it rains or snows there will be no fee to reschedule.

Family Affair Photography

Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: We can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 253-970-5689. Due to the expected volume please leave your name, number and a brief message and we will return your call. Please speak clearly and slowly when leaving a phone message.

Thank-you for choosing Family Affair Photography, we can’t wait to work with you!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Dawn & Jimmy ~ Expecting!

Family Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair PhotographyFamily Affair Photography

This finishes our week of maternity sessions.  Next week we return to ‘regular’ programing!

When Dawn approached us, she let us know immediately that she didn’t want the park type photos, she wanted something artistic that would show off her pregnancy and she wanted it all in black and white.  Yes, we jumped at the opportunity and met her along with Jimmy at their home for this maternity photo session.  We always welcome ideas from our customers, and we love different types of portrait sessions.

Dawn played soccer for her university and from what I understand from Jimmy she was VERY GOOD.   And I think their son might be a future soccer player from all the kicking he was doing during the photo session.  Can you imagine getting to play soccer with your mom?  We wish Dawn & Jimmy much happiness, joy and love with their new family member.

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